Company profile

Company profile

Formed in 1999, Innopsys develops, manufactures and sells equipment and associated software for biotechnological & medical research laboratories combining cost-effectiveness with performance.

Innopsys sells its products in more than 35 countries through its worldwide distribution network and its United States subsidiary in Chicago.

Innovation is the core of Innopsys’ strategy; annually investing 30% of its turnover in R&D. Its own efforts combined with numerous academic and industrial partnerships make Innopsys a company with great potential in the market for the biotech products of tomorrow.

Products are entirely designed and manufactured on site in Carbonne, situated in the Midi-Pyrénées area of France according to ISO 13485 requirements. The Innopsys team is comprised of mostly scientists and engineers and is distinguished by its cutting-edge skills in a variety of scientific and technical fields including optics, micromechanics, onboard electronics, computing, nanotechnology and biology.

Since 2006, Innopsys has offered a complete range of InnoScan microarray scanners, enabling it to become a leader in its market. In 2014 Innopsys launched innovative biomolecular microcontact printing system, called InnoStamp40® for multiple applications.

Medical Devices, a division of Innopsys, headquartered in Carbonne, France, designs and manufactures Neurophysiological Monitoring and Stimulating Equipment for Intraoperative use.

In collaboration with top French university surgeons, the Medical Devices department of research and development has discovered innovative techniques in the field of central and peripheral nervous system stimulation and monitoring.

These close ties with surgeons have given rise to a line of devices used in operating rooms daily: NIMBUS i-Care Light for stimulation only and NIMBUS i-Care for stimulation and related monitoring.

Innopsys propose a complete and fully automated platform, dedicated to diagnostic, based on instruments and software CE-IVD marked.

OEM scanners and MAPIX Dx software manufacturing is available.

Innopsys is looking for partnerships with cancerology, immunology and infectious diseases diagnostic tests companies.


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