InnoNews The InnoStamp40 for Single Cell Analysis

The InnoStamp® 40 for Single Cell Analysis

Biosoft Lab - Toulouse

Printing micro-patterns of biomolecules to capture individual cells

InnoStamp 40


Our micro-contact printing device, the InnoStamp® 40, enables you to capture and analyze single cell in an array fashion. Thanks to the InnoStamp® 40, you can print regularly interspaced dots of any biomolecule. Fibronectine, collagen, streptavidin..., choose the right molecule for your application and check the deposition with the InnoScan® 1100 AL. Our technology enables the selective fixation of cells on patterned dots.

nanopatern made with InnoStamp 40


By changing the diameter of the spots, you can choose to capture only one cell or more. Captured cells take the shape of the micro-pattern. They are now ready to be dyed, counted or even sequenced! The InnoStamp® 40 is modulable and can be adjusted to your application to perfectly fit your needs. Let's get your project started with this new device for single cell analysis! Try the InnoStamp® 40 by completing the following Technical Exchange Form.



Applications are numerous: high throughput screening, drug discovery, biosensors, phenotypic screening, next Generation Sequencing, fixation support for AFM analysis…


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