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Innopsys and Nanolane seminar

Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes – PARIS

Introduction to Last Generation Nanobiotechnology Equipment 

Innopsys's innostamp 40 and Nanolane's N-Lab station

Innopsys and Nanolane are pleased to welcome you to the seminar: Introduction to Last Generation Nanobiotechnology Equipment on January the 19th 2017 at the Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Paris.

InnoStamp 40 (Innopsys), a fully automated micro contact printer, and N-Lab Station (Nanolane), a new generation label‐free surface analysis system, will be presented.

JC. Cau (Innopsys) and N.Médard (Nanolane) will be at your availability to discuss in details experimentations to be conducted.

See the joint information PDF document.


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