High density arrays

Several thousand of spots in a single slide

Current microarray manufacturing technologies make possible to include several thousand of spots in a single slide. High density arrays can contain up to 1 million features with spot diameters going from 13 to 30 µm. For these arrays either in 4x180k, 1 M, 8x60k, HD2 or HD4 formats, Innopsys offers a range of scanners having the highest scan resolution on the market.

InnoScan 910 scanners, single slide or AutoLoader version, are the most suitable for reading two color- high density- slides in all applications.

For ultra-high density arrays containing features of less than 13µm or for those applications needing three color detection, the InnoScan 1100 scanners offers both ultra-high scanning performance and three excitation channels (488, 532 and 635 nm).

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