Users employing DNA microarrays or protein microarrays in the food or pharmaceutical industries: The products of Innopsys are perfectly suited to your needs.

The protein array is a new tool for determining the profile of proteins that may be modified by the active ingredients in drugs. DNA arrays for genotyping are used to define the susceptibility of individuals of a given genotype to pharmacological treatments (pharmacogenomics).

For protein arrays (generally low or medium density) or even DNA arrays with a spots size greater than 40 µm, the InnoScan 710 scanner is the ideal tool for acquiring microarray images. For high density microarrays (spots smaller than 40 µm), the InnoScan 910 scanner will give users the necessary resolution for optimized images.

Cell Microarrays (CMA) allow analysis of the effects of a drug on cell function, viability and replication. Tissue Microarrays (TMA) are widely used for drug validation in large patient cohorts. The InnoScan 1100 AL addresses the high throughput need for this kind of method. CMA and TMA are also useful in the definition of biomarker distribution within cells. The InnoScan 1100 AL is the perfect tool for reading these types of arrays as it is highly automated and provides sub-cellular level analysis. For those applications requiring single-color detection, the InnoScan 710-R / 710-G are the optimal scanners for fast and easy scanning.


DNA arrays are used to detect and identify food contaminants whether they are of pathogenic or genetic (GMO) origin. All these microarrays can be read by our InnoScan models.

The rapid definition and quantification of food components is essential to define the quality of foods. This is mainly true for glycan composition in dairy products. Glycan microarrays can be used for this purpose. The InnoScan scanner models are suitable to scan such arrays at low, medium or high resolution.

For users requiring high density slides (spots smaller than 40 µm), InnoScan 910 is the ideal scanner to suit these needs with a resolution of up to 1 µm. For low and medium density slides, InnoScan 710 is the most suitable scanner. The InnoScan 1100 AL is equipped with its three lasers and is the ideal tool for three color microarrays at low or high densities. The InnoScan 710-R / 710-G are highly adapted for low density routine arrays requiring only single-color and fast scanning.


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