Array CGH (aCGH) analysis to determine chromosomal Copy Number Variation (CNV) is becoming a routine laboratory technique on cytogenetics research and diagnostic. aCGH is currently considered as the best tool for preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) or diagnosis (PDG) as well for prenatal genetic testing, preferred to the traditional methods such as G-banded karyotyping.

SNP + CGH arrays have been also shown as useful tool for the definition of complex diseases such as autism, mental retardation and cancer.

Rapid and accurate analysis of patient samples is essential for identification of genome instability. Innopsys offers the most suitable products for each application, with the InnoScan 710 scanner model for BAC arrays and medium density oligo arrays, and the InnoScan 910 scanner model for high density arrays. For those 8x60K and 4x180K HD oligo arrays, Innopsys has developed automatic scan configurations to obtain optimal signals in accordance to the main slide vendor’s quality control specifications. To complete automation, the AutoLoader system for each of the InnoScan microarray scanner model allows to read up to 24 slides in a single cycle.


DNA arrays for genotyping or analysis of gene expression and protein arrays are also used for biomarker research and disease stratification. Using these new approaches, it is now possible to categorise the stages of complex diseases more precisely and thus provide an appropriate treatment.

InnoScan 710 enables users to read low and medium density expression chips or protein arrays with spots larger than 40 µm. For high density arrays (spot sizes smaller than 40 µm), InnoScan 910 is the most suitable.

Reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA) are now potent tools in clinical research and biomarker validation. Reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA), generally medium or low density, can be read on an InnoScan 710 or an InnoScan 710-IR, as nitrocellulose is mainly used as support chemistry. To analyze thousands of samples on nitrocellulose, a high throughput solution is necessary. When equipped with an AutoLoader, the InnoScan 710-IR offers the perfect solution for these applications.

CMA and TMA are crucial tools used to analyze biomarkers by fluorescence directly in cells and tissue samples. Notably, TMA allows analysis of cell populations directly in tissues. With its high resolution and 24-slide autoloader, the InnoScan 1100 AL can be used to read these arrays with high-throughput capabilities.

The InnoScan 710-G / 710-R are highly adapted for low density routine arrays which require only single-color, fast scanning.


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