Single-Cells Westerns

Microfluidic-based scWestern

Most of the test for protein expression in cell biology are based on cell or tissue extracts in which the cell population heterogeneity is not taken into account. However, in diseases such as cancer, cells in a tumor are actually complex and heterogeneous populations with different proteomes.

Single-Cell Westerns from ProteinSimple measure protein expression in thousands of single cells in a single run so you can profile heterogeneity in your samples. Just load your cell suspension and the scWest chip captures ~1,000 single-cells. Then use the MiloTM instrument to do a fast, 1 minute SDS-PAGE separation on each single-cell lysate on-chip, probe with your favorite conventional Western antibodies and image the scWest chip with either an InnoScan 710, InnoScan 910 or an InnoScan 1100 microarray scanner to measure up to 4 proteins per cell simultaneously. Strip & reprobe with new antibodies for higher levels of multiplexing.  Use Single-Cell Westerns to unlock the single-cell proteome and measure more of the proteome than is possible with any other single-cell technique.


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