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InnoScan 710-R and 710-G

Single-color easy-to-use scanners for clinical applications

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Ideal tool for your diagnostic tests

Combining simplicity and sensitivity, the InnoScan 710-G and 710-R scanners are perfect for fast and routine imaging of low density microarrays (spot larger than 100µm). The InnoScans 710-G and 710-R are ready for CE-IVD certification and fully customizable making the ideal tool for your diagnostic tests


Characterized by its ease of use, performance and customization, the InnoScan 710-R and 710-G are the ideal tool for clinical and diagnostic applications.

User-friendly: Compact, equipped with one excitation wavelength and provided with easy and automate image acquisition software, MAPIX, the InnoScan 710-R and 710-G scanners are the most user friendly and versatile scanners on the market.

Performance: The InnoScan 710-R and 710-G scanners provide high quality images thanks to confocal PMT detection. The InnoScan 710 scanners are the fastest on the making, being able to scan a whole slide in less than 4 minutes.

Customization and OEM opportunities: The InnoScan 710-R and 710-G scanners are fully customizable from scanner design and branding to image analysis with the use of plug-ins to fit your application. They are CE-IVD certification-ready, making it the perfect tool for your diagnostic test.

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The InnoScan 710-R and 710-G scanners are the ideal tool for fast and routine imaging of:

  • Single color-protein microarrays
  • Single color-DNA microarrays for SNP detection
  • Low density microarrays

In the following application fields:

  • Clinical research
  • Diagnostics
  • Industry applications

The InnoScan 710-G and 710-R scanners are confocal scanners equipped with one excitation laser, 532 nm or 635 nm for the InnoScan 710-G and the InnoScan 710-R, respectively. The detection is assured by an extremely sensitive photomultiplier tube (PMT) with a linear gain over the rage of 1 to 100% with a step of 1%.

The whole image acquisition and analysis workflow can be fully automated thanks to the scanner’s total integration with Mapix software.

InnoScan scanners are industry renowned for their excellent photometric properties, particularly in terms of sensitivity and signal-to-noise-ratio.

Thanks to Extended Dynamic Range mode (XDR), InnoScan scanners have a dynamic range of over 106 and are thus capable of detecting the weakest signals while avoiding saturated spots in the same image.

Specifications InnoScan 710-G InnoScan 710-R
Excitation wavelength 532 nm 635 nm
Compatible fluorophores Cy3, Alexa 546, Alexa Fluor 555 Cy5, Alexa 647, Alexa Fluor 666
Resolution 10 - 40 µm/pixel
Compatible slides Standard microscope slides norm ISO 8037-1
25 x 76 mm2 (1" x 3’’)
Maximal scan area 22 x 74 mm2
Focus Real time dynamic autofocus
Detection Real time confocal with 1 photomultiplier (PMT)
PMT gain Linear from 1 to 100 %
Scanning speed 10 to 35 lines/sec.
Scanning time 3.55 minutes to scan a whole slide with a resolution of 10 µm/pix
Dimensions 278 x 457 x 369 mm3 (10.8" x 18.0" x 14.5")
Weight 15.5 Kg
Interface Ethernet
Barcode scanner Yes
Image processing software Mapix
Image file format 16-bit and 20-bit TIFF




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