Mapix-CS for BlueGnome Arrays

Simple, User-friendly, dedicated software

Click scan and export the tiff image

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Mapix-CS is an image acquisition software developed in partnership with Bluegnome-Illumina and dedicated to scan only to their arrays (such as the 24-Sure and CytoChip arrays).

Mapix-CS detects the slide format, either 24-sure or CytoChip, by the barcode and automatically sets the scanning parameters that should be used for each format.

It is fast and easy as the user just needs to insert the slide, click scan and export the tiff image to BlueFuse Multi software from Illumina.

Mapix-CS is a simple and free software compatible with all INNOPSYS InnoScan microarray scanners (except InnoScan 1100AL and InnoScan 710-IR), ClearScan and ClearScan Autoloader scanners.

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Mapix-CS controls only InnoScan microarray scanners (models 710, 710AL, 900, 900AL, 910 and 910AL) and ClearScan scanners (ClearScan and ClearScan Auto). The software acquires a tiff image that will be automatically exported to BlueFuse Multi software from Illumina.

  • Read the barcode on the microarray and set the optimized scanning conditions automatically
  • Display images in real time during image acquisition (16-bit and 20 bit tiff images)
  • Save acquired images as a Tiff image with all the reading parameters (pixel size, laser power, etc.) and export to Bluefuse Multi software.
  • Manage multiple user accounts

Mapix-CS is a free software. You can download Mapix-CS software from the following link:

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