Controlled deposition of single biomolecules using InnoStamp 40 nano-contact printing processes


The InnoStamp 40® is a fully automated micro-contact printer. It relies on the use of a magnetic field to easily manipulate a magnetized PDMS stamp. The automated print head, which contains magnets can pick up, move and release the stamp at will, in order to carry out all the routine steps of a standard micro-contact printing process. These include loading of the stamp, inking, drying and printing. This microstructured stamp can be inked with the solution of interest via either incubation of (...)


Hélène Cayron1, 2, 4, Benjamin Berteloite4, Christophe Vieu1, 2, Vincent Paveau4, Jean-Christophe Cau4, Aline Cerf1,3

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