A large scale and multiplex patterning process for cell adhesion assay


Micro contact printing is a key enabling technology for the development of molecular or cell based assays capture. However, the spreading of this technique at the industrial level is conditioned by the proof that large surfaces (> 1cm2) can be processed with different molecular inks and with a very high homogeneity. Here, we propose an original microfluidic approach that enables a reproducible inking and patterning of different molecular species (multiplexing) on large surfaces with a resolution at the sub-cellular level.


Camille Colina, Julie Foncya, Amélie Degacheb, Aurore Estèvea, Jean-Christophe Caub, Xavier Dollata ,Benjamin Berteloiteb, Emmanuelle Trévisiola, Christophe Vieua, Laurent Malaquina
a LAAS-CNRS, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, INSA, UPS, Toulouse, France
b INNOPSYS, Parc d’activités Activestre, 31390, Carbonne, France


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