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Mapix-Dx is an one-click image acquisition and analysis software dedicated to diagnostic microarrays. Developed under the CE-IVD directives, Mapix-Dx is ready for CE-IVD certification in combination with the InnoScan 300 and 710 scanners.


With Mapix-Dx software the whole workflow of a microarray experience is completely automated. Preloaded scan and analysis configurations help the user to automatically run their experience, diminishing the biases caused by human intervention.


Sample traceability is assured by barcode reading and workflow savings. Both scan and analysis workflows are controlled by preloaded configurations associated to a specific slide barcode. User session’s management allows to define the rights of each user, the administrator being the responsible for barcode associations with specific workflows while the standard user will be only able to run the preloaded workflow.

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The scan configurations are preloaded in accord with specifications of slide manufacturers. Scan parameters such as scan resolution, speed and scan mode (either auto-settings, dynamic range extension or fixed parameters) are associated with the slide barcode, so the user has only to insert the slide, the scanner will automatically recognize the slide and run the scan accordingly.


Mapix-Dx can automatically perform the image analysis, the process of gridding and feature extraction are optimized for each array in pre-loaded analysis configurations. Depending on the slide manufacturer specifications, data analysis can be done by including customized plug-ins to go up to final results reporting.


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