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Nimbus I-Care light

IntraOperative Neurostimulation device

Stimulation for neurosurgery and ENT surgery

nimbus i care light The Nimbus i-Care light is dedicated to the motor and sensory peripheral nerves and to central nervous system stimulation for neurosurgery and ENT surgery.

The NIMBUS i Care light is dedicated to surgeons for a daily use in the operating rooms.
Brain Neurosurgery (CNS) :
  • Cortical and subcortical mapping: Direct electrical stimulation as help for excision of glioma located in the motor and language areas.


Neuronal Neurosurgery (PNS) :
  • Stimulation of the cranial nerves (motor) : cerebellopontine angle surgery
  • Stimulation of the peripheral nerves (motor and sensory) : Spasticity correction surgery (neurotomy)
  • Simulation of the spinal roots : Spasticity correction surgery (Selection Dorsal Rhizotomy)


Head ENT surgery :
  • Promontory stimulation prior cochlear implant intervention



  • Touch screen
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • One click start : access to predefined settings for each clinical indication or to personal sessions from system startup
  • Ability to save a customized sessions from predefined configurations




  • Continuous display of programmed parameters, delivered current intensity and measured current circuit impedance (visual indicator)
  • Audible indicator that demonstrates the correct circulation of the stimulation current (possible switch-off)
  • Continuous adaptation of the delivered stimulation current according to the measured impedance




  • Importation and saving of customized configurations
  • Continuous intensity setting from the sterile zone via remote control or via touch screen thanks to the knob.


  NIC light
Current intensity range 0 - 16 mA (32 mA peak to peak)
Current Waveform Rectangular biphasic or monophasic signals. Single pulse, multiple pulses or pulse by burst. Choice of the polarity for the first phase (positive or negative)
Pulse duration range 60 – 16000 µs
Frequency range 1-800Hz
Burst duration (burst mode) 1 - 4000 ms
Inter Stimulus Interval(burst mode) 0 - 1000ms
Audio tone HIFI audio system 20 WATT
Screen Touch color screen

Stimulation (extension lead for probe)

USB storage

Input Synchronisation signal
Dimensions 36.5*28*27cm
Weight >10.5kg



Before using the device, please read carefully the instructions from the Nimbus i-Care light user manual.


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