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Nimbus i-Care Light

IntraOperative Neurostimulation device

Stimulation for neurosurgery and ENT surgery

The NIMBUS i-Care Light is an IntraOperative NeuroStimulator device. It is dedicated to surgeons for daily use in the operating room, as well as neurosurgery, otology and spine surgery.

The « Stimulation » mode applies pre-determinated and personalized settings which ensure a quick start and secure use of the device by the medical staff.

See our following page on surgeries:


  • Direct electrical stimulation: cortical and subcortical mapping


  • Peripherical nerves stimulation and location: neurotomy


  • Peripheral nerves stimulation: hand surgery


  • Touch screen and validation button
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Predefined settings for clinical indication or for personal sessions
  • Remote control for distance use



  • Continuous display of programmed parameters, delivered current intensity and measured current circuit impedance
  • End-user acceptance before implementation of new settings
  • Audible indicator that demonstrates the correct circulation of the stimulation current
  • Continuous adaptation of the delivered stimulation current according to the measured impedance



  • Importation and saving of customized configurations
  • Continuous intensity setting from the sterile zone via remote control or via touch screen
  • Modification of each setting: current intensity, current waveform, pulse duration, frequency range, burst duration and inter stimulus interval (burst mode)


  Medical device: class IIa
Current intensity range 0 - 16 mA (32 mA peak to peak)
Current Waveform Rectangular biphasic or monophasic signals. Single pulse, multiple pulses or pulse by burst. Choice of the polarity for the first phase
Pulse duration range 60 – 16000 µs
Frequency range 1-800Hz
Export of EMG curves USB port
Dimensions 36.5*28*27cm3
Weight 10.5kg



Before using the device, please carefully read the instructions from the Nimbus i-Care Light user manual.

Medical devices are health products which have, due to the European regulation, the CE 0459 marking.


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