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Angled tripolar

Angled tripolar stimulation probe EN03-5C

Increase the selectivity of the stimulation

innostim angled tripolar

Composed of three 90° angled 0.5 mm diameter electrodes side by side with a pitch of 1 mm

The angled probes allow to take away, where necessary, the nerve of surrounding tissues to increase the selectivity of the stimulation. They are particularly indicated in spastic disorders, when it is necessary to divide the nerve into nerve fibers to stimulate individually these fibers.

picto neuro


  • Monitoring of the cranial nerves (motor): cerebellopontine angle surgery and skull base surgery (acoustic neuroma)
  • Stimulation and location of the peripheral nerves (motor and sensory): spasticity correction surgery (neurotomy)
  • Stimulation and location of the spinal roots: spasticity correction surgery (selection dorsal rhizotomy)


Before using the devices, please read carefully the instructions from the probes instructions manual.

Those medical devices are health products which have, due to the European regulation, the CE 0459 marking.


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