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Monopolar stimulation probe EN01-5DREF

Locate a nerve through a volume of tissue

innostim straight monopolar

Composed of one 0.5 mm active straight electrode and of one auto-adhesive ground electrode.



The monopolar electrode will be used to locate a nerve through a volume of tissue (bone, tumor), without direct access to this nerve.

picto neuro


  • Monitoring of the cranial nerves (motor): cerebellopontine angle surgery and skull base surgery (acoustic neuroma)
  • Stimulation and location of the peripheral nerves (motor and sensory): spasticity correction surgery (neurotomy)
  • Stimulation and location of the spinal roots: spasticity correction surgery (selection dorsal rhizotomy)


picto head


  • Monitoring of the facial nerves: parotid gland surgeries
  • Monitoring of the recurrent nerves: thyroid surgery
  • Promontory stimulation prior cochlear implant intervention




  • Monitoring of the pedicle screw placement int the spine surgery


Before using the devices, please read carefully the instructions from the probes instructions manual.

Those medical devices are health products which have, due to the European regulation, the CE 0459 marking.


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