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Summary Glycan arrays are becoming a standard tool in glycobiology. Here the major applications of glycan and lectin arrays using the InnoScan scanners are reviewed. Using microarray technologies,...
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The first "DNA arrays" technological application, developed successfully, was the "expression profiling". It is still today the most largely employed application and which is in full expansion since...
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With its ultra-high resolution and automated real-time focus, the InnoScan 1100 AL scanner makes a highly powerful tool for imaging fluorescence-based cell and tissue assays. One of the main...
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Microstructured cell arrays are obtained by patterning of extracellular matrix (ECM) components on a substrate to control cell spread. Because such arrays are of interest to different fields related...
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The InnoScan 1100 AL (Figure 1) is a high resolution fluorescence imager developed for Cell Microarrays and tissue sample imaging. It is capable of scanning at resolutions of up to 0.5μm/pixel with...
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