InnoScan 1100 AL digital imager for cell and tissue imaging.

With its ultra-high resolution and automated real-time focus, the InnoScan 1100 AL scanner makes a highly powerful tool for imaging fluorescence-based cell and tissue assays. One of the main advantages of tissue and cell microarrays is multiplexing. However, to allow for quantification, automated systems ensuring signal repeatability are needed. Automated microscopes can only scan limited areas of the slide and each obtained images have to be stitched together in a complex time-consuming process called tailing. On the contrary, the InnoScan 1100 AL allows for high-resolution scanning of the whole slide thanks to its very powerful algorithm used to well focalize all ROIs on the slide. Imaging process is facilitated by the possibility to choose specific pre-loaded focus configurations in order to adapt the focus to each sample type: TMA, CMA, tissue IF, etc. Innopsys technology ensures signal repeatability thanks to the high stability of signal excitation/detection system all along the scan and between different scans.


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