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Abstract: Milo™ is the world's first Single-Cell Western platform. He measures protein expression in ~1,000 single cells in a single run so you can profile heterogeneity in your samples. Milo can...
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Summary Glycan arrays are becoming a standard tool in glycobiology. Here the major applications of glycan and lectin arrays using the InnoScan scanners are reviewed. Using microarray technologies,...
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The first "DNA arrays" technological application, developed successfully, was the "expression profiling". It is still today the most largely employed application and which is in full expansion since...
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The Innoscan710 scanner from Innopys® is a widely used microarray scanner capable of scanning microarray slides with a resolution of 3 µm. It has two high performance lasers with an excitation of...
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The microarray scanner InnoScan® 710 from Innopsys In the human genetics, as it is in many other high technology fields, the rapid technological progress results in shorter product life cycles....
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