Analysis of the compatibility of the InnoScan 910 scanner with Agilent SurePrint G3 CGH arrays

Array CGH analysis to determine chromosomal Copy Number Variation (CNV) is becoming a routine laboratory technique on cytogenetics research and diagnostics. Rapid and accurate analysis of patient samples is essential for identification of genome instability. At the Toulouse Purpan Hospital, the cytogenetics research lab has tested the use of Innopsys’ InnoScan 910 scanner with Agilent SurePring G3 Human CGH microarray. Agilent high density (HD) oligo slides contain features arranged onto a hexagonal grid, the features are sized of 30µm with a nominal offset of the even rows of 31.75µm. This configurations needs for high resolution scanning in order to assure the adequate fluorescence signal detection. The InnoScan 910 scanner is a high resolution, low noise and autofocusing microarray scanner dedicated to HD slides. Its optical system allows for simultaneous detection of 532 nm and 635 nm signals at a resolution up to 1µm/pixel. In addition of its high resolution and sensitivity, the InnoScan 910 scanner provides advantages in terms of speed and ease of use. Innopsys has developed a specific scan configuration for HD oligo slides, either in 8x60K or 4x180K format. To validate the use of the InnoScan 910 scanner with Agilent 8x60K arrays, the service for medical genetics at Toulouse Purpan Hospital tested 4 male and 4 female samples with known chromosome abnormalities. Both, quality control and the detection of expected abnormalities were considered as critical points for the validation process.



  • Laurence Bouneau – de Tarragon Service de Génétique Médicale - IFB - CHU Purpan, Toulouse – France
  • Adriana LAGRAULET INNOPSYS – Parc Activestre – 31390 Toulouse



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