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List of scientific publications and internaional presentations related to InnoScans microarrays scanners....
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Abstract Chromatin is thought to carry epigenetic information from one generation to the next, although it is unclear how such information survives the disruptions of nucleosomal architecture...
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Abstract Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are over-expressed in a wide range of human cancers. It results in the stimulation of the immune system and consequently in elevated concentration of anti-HSP...
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Abstract For some decades production of titanium dioxide nanoparticle (TiO2-NP) has been increasing at a considerable rate; concerns as to the toxicity of these particles upon inhalation have been...
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Abstract The high complexity of glycome, the repertoire of glycans expressed in a cell or in an organism, is difficult to analyze and the use of new technologies has accelerated the progress of...
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