Annual Meeting of American Society for Cell Biology 2016

San Francisco - USA

Innopsys will present its innovating platform for ECM-based cell microarrays at the ASCB 2016 annual meeting

ASCB 2016

Innopsys team will present its complete platform combining the InnoStamp® 40 micro-contact printing automate and the InnoScan® 1100AL fluorescence scanner to automate the production and analysis of high density cell arrays for high-throughput assays.

complete platform workflow

ECM-based cell microarray platform. Applications on: Cell migration studies, Cell – microenvironment interaction studies, Extracellular Matrix composition assays, Cell microarrays and microfluidic devices manufacturing


Visit us at the Monday December 5th 130-3pm poster session, poster B248: Magnetic-microcontact priniting based ECM nano-patterning allows homogeneous controlling of cell growth and behavior.

ASCB annual meeting – San Francisco, USA – 03-07 December 2016.


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