InnoNews Using CYTAG TotalCGH Labeling Kit for CGH + SNP Array

Using CYTAG TotalCGH Labeling Kit for CGH + SNP Array

NY - USA / Toulouse - France

Collaborative ENZO-INNOPSYS application note.


Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP), variation at a single nucleotide in a genome, can be explored on a CGH+SNP array. In CGH+SNP arrays, test and reference DNA are labeled with two different fluorophores in order to be compared in a HD microarray slide.


The main objective of this study was to demonstrate the superior labeling capability of the CYTAG™ TotalCGH Labeling Kit in preparing and labeling DNA for a CGH+SNP microarray, and further, to analyze the chip on the Innopsys Innoscan 910.

InnoScan 910 high density arrays scanner

The results after hybridization to an Agilent SurePrint® G3 ISCA CGH+SNP 4x180K microarray the Enzo kit yields lower DLR scores, and the plots are much easier to interpret. The high specific activity and low DLR scores make Enzo’s CYTAG™ TotalCGH labeling kit combined with Innopsys’ Innoscan 910 scanner an ideal choice for processing precious samples for CGH+SNP array analysis.

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