Genome profiling of ovarian adenocarcinomas using pangenomic BACs microarray comparative genomic hybridization



Routine cytogenetic investigations for ovarian cancers are limited by culture failure and poor growth of cancer cells compared to normal cells. Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) application or classical comparative genome hybridization techniques are also have their own limitations in detecting genome imbalance especially for small changes that are not known ahead of time and for which FISH probes could not be thus designed.


We applied microarray comparative genomic hybridization (A-CGH) using one mega base BAC arrays to investigate chromosomal disorders in ovarian adenocarcinoma in patients with familial history.


Our data on 10 cases of ovarian cancer revealed losses of 6q (4 cases mainly mosaic loss), 9p (4 cases), 10q (3 cases), 21q (3 cases), 22q (4 cases) with association to a monosomy X and gains of 8q and 9q (occurring together in 8 cases) and gain of 12p. There were other abnormalities such as loss of 17p that were noted in two profiles of the studied cases. Total or mosaic segmental gain of 2p, 3q, 4q, 7q and 13q were also observed. Seven of 10 patients were investigated by FISH to control array CGH results. The FISH data showed a concordance between the 2 methods.


The data suggest that A-CGH detects unique and common abnormalities with certain exceptions such as tetraploidy and balanced translocation, which may lead to understanding progression of genetic changes as well as aid in early diagnosis and have an impact on therapy and prognosis.


Donatella Caserta1, Moncef Benkhalifa2, Marina Baldi3, Francesco Fiorentino3, Mazin Qumsiyeh2,4, and Massimo Moscarini1

  • 1. Oby/Gyn Dept. Saint Andrea Hospital, University of Roma La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
  • 2. Genetics & IVF, A TL R&D Laboratory, La Verrière France & UNILABS Laboratories, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 3. Molecular Biology & Cytogenetics, Genoma Laboratories, Rome, Italy
  • 4. Cytogenetics Laboratory, SiParadigm Laboratories, 690 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ, USA


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