Using Cell Microarray (CMAs) it is possible to study the interactions and behaviors of cells face to different stimuli. CMAs can be created by spotting different cell binding molecules such as extracellular matrix proteins.

Once immobilized, it is possible to follow the cell response to various study conditions via end-point bioassays such as DNA synthesis, protein expression, cell-to-cell interactions, cell differentiation states and production of gene products.

The InnoScan 1100 allows for the following of three biomarkers on a single scan.

The whole high-resolution CMA scan is done in one fully automated process, in which focusing is assured due to a high-performing automated algorithm developed by Innopsys that works regardless of the CMA support (polyacrylamide gels, PDMS or other).


Whole slide CMA scanning scanned at 0.5μm pixel size.
Whole slide CMA scanning scanned at 0.5μm pixel size. Fluorescence detection homogeneity is assured during the whole slide scanning permitting for comparing biomarker expression on different cells.

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