Protein arrays are widely used in labs in order to study protein functions and interactions involved in different cell processes. For example, kinase arrays allow the study of the activity of protein kinase. Antibody arrays are also a useful tool to do protein profiling and quantification in order to determine protein levels for different cell states.

In different pathological processes, cell signaling and inflammatory processes can be closely linked. Pro-inflammatory markers can be easily followed by using dedicated cytokine arrays.

The Innopsys’ InnoScan 710, 710-G and 710-R are powerful tools for the scanning of human proteome arrays or dedicated cytokine arrays. The single color detection of the InnoScan 710-G and 710-R scanners provide high efficiency combined with good price/performance ratio adapted to single color microarrays.


Cell signaling screening using protein arrays
Cell signaling screening using protein arrays

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