Array CGH (aCGH) analysis to determine chromosomal Copy Number Variation (CNV) is nowadays a routine laboratory technique on cytogenetics research and diagnostics.

aCGH is widely used for prenatal and postnatal genetic screening (PGD and PGS), as well as for genetic analysis of complex diseases such as cancer. aCGH commercial slides contain probes spaced throughout the genome according to the International Standards for Cytogenomic Arrays consortium (ISCA, now ClinGen).

Rapid and accurate analysis of patient samples is essential for the identification of genome instability. In this scope, Innopsys has developed an auto-setting function dedicated to oligo-aCGH slides in which all the scan parameters are automatically adapted to the slide format and fluorescence to get optimal signals in compliance with slide vendors QC metrics.


aCGH to determine chromosomal CNV
aCGH to determine chromosomal CNV

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