Proteins are considered to be the key effectors of cellular response to external stimuli.

Differential expression of key proteins can modulate cell fate, either cell differentiation, proliferation or death. Protein microarrays are a powerful tool for high-throughput screening of protein expression due to their capacity to miniaturize thousands of single points of analysis.

High-throughput screening requires of highly precise detection systems to increase assay sensitivity and dynamic range. The InnoScan scanners allow for the detection of heterogeneous samples with weak and strong protein levels simultaneously.

Multiplexing is achieved through the detection of two (InnoScan 710 & 710-IR) or three (InnoScan 1100) fluorophores simultaneously, while the resolution and dynamic range are adapted for any type of protein array, either functional, analytical and reverse phase protein arrays.


Different type of protein arrays for which InnoScan scanners are compatible
Different type of protein arrays for which InnoScan scanners are compatible

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