Genes are transcribed into messenger RNAs which represent the dynamic and biologic state of a cell at a given time. Using DNA microarrays, it is possible to identify mRNAs present in a sample and quantify their levels allowing researchers to determine the expression profiles of genes under different conditions (type of cell, extracellular factors, etc).

This allows for the classifying of genes and the determination of gene expression patterns to a biological response. Recently, microRNA (miRNA) microarrays have gained interest as they allow users to study the population of miRNA in a cell. miRNAs control gene expression by preventing the translation of mRNA in proteins.

The InnoScan scanners 710 and 910 are powerful tools for the scanning of gene expression- and miRNA-oligo microarrays as they provide of highly automated scan methods adapted to these kinds of slides.


mRNA arrays to analyse gene expression signatures
mRNA arrays to analyse gene expression signatures

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