InnoScan Fluorescence Microarray Scanners will be presented at the 2020 National Glycobiology Conference of China.

Indeed, the biological importance of glycans in several cell functions range from cell-matrix interactions to organ structure support and from pathogen-host interaction to organism immune regulation.

Glycan arrays are becoming a standard tool in glycobiology, to screen glycan interactions with other molecules, especially glycan binging proteins (GBPs). Due to their miniaturization capabilities, glycan arrays allow for minimal consumption of precious materials and reagents, leading to reductions in experimental costs.

Therefore, the InnoScan scanners are optimal tools for glycan array fluorescence detection, allowing for the simultaneous detection of two (InnoScan 710) or three (InnoScan 1100) dyes. Equipped with a 24-slide autoloader, they provide with the automation and high-throughput capabilities needed for glycomics analyses.