InnoScan 710-IR - 2-Color near InfraRed microarray scanner

Increased sensitivity

NIR excitation lasers to avoid support background
Simultaneous confocal PMT detection
All nitrocellulose slide formats

Real-time autofocus

Optimized for nitrocellulose or PVDF substrates
Perfect homogeneity across the entire reading surface
Automated image acquisition with MAPIX software

Adjustable reading speed

From 10 to 35 lines per second
Test results optained very quickly 3.6 minutes to read and entire slide with 10μm/pixel


Confocal detection

  • Optimize fluorescence detection
  • Assure good focalization all along the scan
  • Less background
  • SNR is increased by 2.5 times

Real-time autofocus

  • Detection idone through a spatial phinhole
  • Follows the slide movement and deformation in real time during the scan
  • Avoid all out-of-focus signal

Automatic barcode reader

  • Reliable and traceable results

All standard microscope slides format

  • Glass
  • Nitrocelluose coated glass
  • Plastic
  • Silicon wafer
  • Gold coated glass

Dynamic range

  • From > 104 to >106
  • Detect the lowest signals avoiding saturation.

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Application notes


Technical specifications

InnoScan 710-IR

PIXEL SIZE3 - 40μm
COMPATIBLE FLUOROPHORES*Alexa Fluor 700, Alexa Fluor 680 DyLight 680, IRDye 680Alexa Fluor 790, DyLight 800, IRDye 800
LASER POWERAdjustable (2 laser powers)
DETECTION TYPEReal-time confocal with 2 photomultipliers (PMT)
PMT GAINAdjustable from 0 to 100%
(Linear from 1 to 100%)
OPTICAL FILTER1 standard fluorescent filter by detection channel
FOCUSReal-time autofocus
Manual focus: offset adjustment 300 μm range, 1 μm increment
SLIDE SIZECompatible with all standard microscope slides: 25-26 x 75-76 mm2 / 1” x 3” ; thickness: 0.9 - 1.2 mm
SCANNING AREAAdjustable up to 22 x 74 mm2
SCANNING SPEEDFrom 10 to 35 lines/second (l/s)
3.6 minutes per slide at a resolution of 10 μm/pixel for a simultaneous two-color acquisition
DYNAMIC RANGE> 104 in normal mode or > 106 in dynamic extension mode
BARCODE READERAutomatic barcode reading
INTERFACEEthernet interface
IMAGE FORMATTIFF (16-bit and 20-bit in dynamic extension mode)
POWER SUPPLY~ 100-240 VAC, 1.2 A, 50-60 Hz
ACQUISITION SOFTWAREMAPIX (image acquisition and spot quantification software)
DIMENSIONS (LXDXH)278 x 457 x 369 mm3 10.8” x 18.0” x 14.5”
WEIGHT15.5 kg (34.2 lbs)

InnoScan 710-IR AL

DIMENSIONS (LXDXH)322 x 656 x 439 mm3 - 12.7” x 25.8” x 17.3”
WEIGHT31 kg (62 lbs)

* Non exhaustive list, please contact us for more information about fluorophore compatibility
Please contact us for any additional information.

Class I laser product for research use only
Specifications subject to change without notice
Contact us for the most recent specifications