• ION NIMBUS i-Care Lite
  • 2 preconfigured parameters
  • Preserving from false positive or negative results
  • Real-time monitoring electrical current delivery

  • Customizable settings
  • Diverse stimulation probes available

  • Dedicated to neurosurgery for 22 years
  • Pre-configured and customizable settings
  • Quick installation
  • Fast learning

  • Operating room accompaniment
  • Surgical teams training
  • Various media
  • Remote diagnosis
  • User network : 2/3 of french hospital

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Technical specifications

Nimbus i-Care Light

Current intensity range0 - 16 mA (32 mA peak to peak)
Current WaveformRectangular biphasic or monophasic signals
Choice of the polarity for the first phase
Pulse duration range60 – 16000 µs
Frequency range1-800Hz
Eport of EMG curvesUSB port

Before using the device, please carefully read the instructions from the Nimbus i-Care Light user manual.
Medical devices are health products which have, due to the European regulation, the CE 0459 marking.

Operation Tumeur Cerveau CHU Montpellier Pr DUFFAU - 2/2

The 3rd INRC: 'Insular gliomas', a lecture from Professor Hugues Duffau