Mapix - Microarray image acquisition and analysis software

Scanner management

Compatible with a broad range of microarrays

Optimized performance for all image size

Highly interactive commands

Image visualisation in real-time


Image Analysis

Barcode reader

Accurate control of acquired images

Scanner supplied with a validation slide which verifies scanner performance



Effective spot localization and grid alignment

Automatic spot segmentation

Lowess smoothing and global date normalization algorithms



  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Dynamic Extension
  • Content Based Focus

Mapix Update

  • Upgrades continuously available by internet


  • Automatique searches for grid, blocks and spots : circular, square and rectangular shapes
  • Automatic segmentation of spots
  • Gal file importation and creation
  • Local or global background noise measurement


  • Integrate specific user applications


  • Results in tabbed text format (TXT) and GPR
  • Quality control with spot marking
  • Normalization algorithms

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